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External directional signage

An effective directional indicator system can not only guide people, but also help them feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings. The column guidance signs, mainly made of 304 # and 316 # stainless steel, can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment after several professional processes. The simple and key guidance information carved on the stainless steel panel can provide the maximum visual guidance effect for pedestrians to reach their destination.

Graphic external signage

ZIGO not only provides customers with a regional identification logo, but also a quick way to increase brand influence.The outdoor image type signage mainly uses 316 # stainless steel as the substrate. 316 # stainless steel has extremely high corrosion and high temperature resistance, excellent tensile strength and excellent impact resistance. Meanwhile, as the substrate of outdoor image type signage, 316 # stainless steel performs better than metal and 304 # stainless steel in all aspect.