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                ZIGO is a signage company with one-stop service capabilities in the wayfinding system industry. ZIGO focuses on providing wayfinding system design, production and installation services for international five-star hotels, public buildings, high-end shopping malls, and luxury real estate. ZIGO can provide high-quality concept, moving line planning and process design drawings in the early stage of the signage project to cooperate with the standardized production operations in the mid-term of the signage project. In the later stage of the signage project, ZIGO will send engineers, designers and construction teams to the project site to install or guide the installation work.

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Enterprise strength

Mr. Xia, the founder of ZiGo, an aesthetic designer of building signs, is constantly pursuing the perfect combination of logo design and function, and has been assigned to the factory to exchange and learn with various craftsmen for years. During the initial five years of entrepreneurship, he completed hundreds of engineering projects only by his own ability. With the word of mouth in the circle, the projects are growing, and a group of like-minded design and technical talents are slowly gathering in ZiGo, at the same time, In order to pursue the combination of complex and complicated production process of various signs and different materials, and to achieve the perfect presentation of product functions on the building, we have more than 50 finished product manufacturing factories and engineers!

ZiGo has completed more than 1000 construction projects, large and small, in more than 10 years. Design, production, construction, installation and landing of the logo products are mainly from outdoor large-scale landmark objects: brand logos, spiritual fortresses, etc., to indoor guidance signs such as reception, fire protection, floors, door plates, logistics, etc.

ZiGo has always been active in the domestic market of China, but it has the strength of overseas market demand!
The whole process service system of service project design, manufacture, production, construction and installation that matches the needs of customers, realizes the perfect combination with customers, and achieves the project's worry free delivery!
For your construction project, give the logo to ZiGo!

Enterprise strength
Team Style

        Innovation, integrity, ingenuity, efficiency, inheritance

        Reach cooperation to deepen the design concept design site investigation summary intention both sides to negotiate customized requirements

        We know that solving your problems is what you want;

        In ZhiGao, there are only simple proposals and optimized service processes.

        In this business society, saving time for customers is the most basic professional ethics;

        As a team that has worked in both Party A and Party B for many years, we know how to think from the perspective of customers.

        Good at communication and know how to choose aesthetics with commercial functions is valuable aesthetics;

        An artist is only fit to stay in an ivory tower.

        Our design is humble, flexible, friendly, and listens.

        Our design is unique beauty, highlight the function, to create value direction to work hard.

Team Style