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ZIGO sign-ZIGO's Exemplary Contribution to Signage and Wayfinding System: Crowne Plaza Dongling Holiday Hotel in Shaanxi

ZIGO's Exemplary Contribution to Signage and Wayfinding System: Crowne Plaza Dongling Holiday Hotel in Shaanxi

Crowne Plaza Dongling Holiday Hotel in Shaanxi stands tall as an international five-star hotel, where every aspect of hospitality is meticulously aligned with the stringent standards and norms of a five-star establishment. Recognizing the pivotal role of signage in guest experience, the hotel management spared no effort in selecting a signage company that could match its commitment to excellence. After thorough consideration, six reputable signage firms were chosen to participate in the bidding process for the hotel's signage and wayfinding system. Among them, ZIGO, with its integrated capabilities and exceptional coordination, emerged victorious in securing this prestigious project.

As the appointed company responsible for the Crowne Plaza Dongling Holiday Hotel's wayfinding system, ZIGO pledged to dedicate one hundred percent of its efforts to completing the signage project with utmost precision and quality.

ZIGO's team of experienced designers delved into the hotel's floor plans, meticulously identifying and designing signage placements for indoor and outdoor public areas, as well as high-traffic zones. Upon approval from the hotel management, ZIGO proceeded with the structural refinement of the signage designs. The finalized structural designs were then scrutinized and confirmed by the hotel management, ensuring seamless coordination.

Once approved, ZIGO's factory commenced the prototyping phase, producing samples for each designated area. These samples were then subjected to rigorous quality checks by the Crowne Plaza  Dongling Holiday Hotel. Upon confirmation of quality, ZIGO's factory initiated mass production, adhering strictly to the approved sample standards.

Simultaneously, ZIGO initiated the process of acquiring relevant installation qualifications at the hotel's location. Upon completion of production, all signage components were transported to the hotel's warehouse for unified acceptance by the management team. Following acceptance, ZIGO's installation team meticulously executed the installation process with precision and efficiency.

Spanning a period of nine months, each phase of the project was seamlessly executed by ZIGO, culminating in the successful implementation of the signage and wayfinding system at the Crowne Plaza  Dongling Holiday Hotel.

In summary, ZIGO's unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail have played a pivotal role in enhancing the guest experience at the Crowne Plaza  Dongling Holiday Hotel in Shaanxi.