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ZIGO sign-ZIGO's excellent design, production, and installation capabilities ensure the smooth progress of the Best Western Plus wayfinding signage project.

ZIGO's prowess in seamlessly integrating design, manufacturing, and installation has earned them the prestigious Best Western Plus signage wayfinding project. The project, aimed at enhancing navigation within the hotel premises, underscores ZIGO's commitment to excellence in spatial design and implementation.

Following the verification process, ZIGO's structural designers embarked on refining the structural aspects of the signage based on the designated locations. The detailed structural designs were then presented to Best Western Plus management for approval, ensuring alignment with both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Once the design aspects received the green light from Best Western Plus management, ZIGO's manufacturing facility commenced the production phase. Each area's signage was meticulously categorized and sampled for approval by the hotel's management. Feedback from Best Western Plus management during the production phase was swiftly addressed by ZIGO's responsible production team, reflecting their commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

With the approval of the signage samples, mass production commenced, with periodic samples sent to Best Western Plus management for ongoing validation. Throughout the production process, ZIGO remained agile, promptly adjusting to any feedback or alterations requested by the hotel's management, ensuring a seamless production timeline.

Finally, ZIGO's proficient installation team demonstrated remarkable efficiency in installing the signage wayfinding system throughout Best Western Plus, culminating in the successful completion of the project.

The collaboration between ZIGO and Best Western Plus exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovative design, precision manufacturing, and seamless implementation, setting a new standard in signage wayfinding solutions for the hospitality industry.