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ZIGO sign-ZIGO Excels in Signage Wayfinding Project for NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL

ZIGO, renowned for its unique expertise in deepening design concepts, has successfully secured the signage wayfinding project for NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL. With meticulous attention to detail, ZIGO's team of designers embarked on a journey to enhance the hotel's navigational experience, starting with a comprehensive assessment of the hotel's layout provided by NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL.

The process began with ZIGO's team strategically plotting the locations for signage placement based on the hotel's floor plans. This intricate task required on-site verification by ZIGO's placement designers to ensure accuracy and precision. Once the placement was confirmed, ZIGO's structural designers delved into refining the structural aspects of the signage, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Following the completion of the structural design phase, detailed drawings were presented to the management team at NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL for approval of the signage's craftsmanship and structure. Upon receiving consent from the hotel's management, ZIGO's factory meticulously categorized and produced samples of the signage for each area of the hotel, presenting them to the management for final confirmation.

With the management's approval secured, ZIGO's factory commenced mass production of the signage for the entire hotel. Throughout the production process, samples were periodically sent to the management team for inspection, demonstrating ZIGO's commitment to responsiveness and adaptability. Any feedback received from NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL's management was promptly addressed, ensuring the production remained aligned with their vision and requirements.

Upon completion of the signage production, ZIGO's proficient installation team exhibited exceptional efficiency in installing the signage throughout NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL, seamlessly bringing the signage wayfinding project to fruition.

ZIGO's successful execution of the signage wayfinding project for NARCISSUS KHOZAMA HOTEL underscores their dedication to delivering innovative solutions tailored to their clients' needs. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, ZIGO continues to set the standard for effective signage and wayfinding solutions in the hospitality industry.