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ZIGO sign-ZIGO Excels in Signage Wayfinding Project for WANDA REALM HOTEL

ZIGO, renowned for its exceptional expertise in deepening design capabilities, has secured the signage wayfinding project for WANDA REALM HOTEL. Leveraging its proficient team of designers, ZIGO embarked on a meticulous journey tailored to meet the specific needs of WANDA REALM HOTEL.

The project kicked off with ZIGO's designers meticulously strategizing the placement of signage based on the hotel's floor plans. This critical phase required on-site verification by ZIGO's layout designers to ensure precise positioning. Once the signage locations were confirmed, ZIGO's structural designers delved into the intricacies of structural design, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Upon completion of the structural design phase, detailed drawings were presented to the management of WANDA REALM HOTEL for approval. With the green light from the management, ZIGO's factory commenced the meticulous process of crafting samples for each area of the hotel. These samples were then scrutinized by the hotel management, ensuring they aligned perfectly with the envisioned design.

Once approved, ZIGO's factory initiated the mass production of signage for WANDA REALM HOTEL. Throughout the production process, samples were periodically sent to the hotel management for validation, underscoring ZIGO's commitment to responsiveness and quality assurance. Any feedback from the hotel management was promptly addressed, reflecting ZIGO's dedication to customer satisfaction.

With production completed, ZIGO's proficient installation team swiftly executed the installation of signage throughout WANDA REALM HOTEL. Their efficiency was a testament to the synergy between ZIGO's design prowess and manufacturing capabilities.

In summary, ZIGO's successful execution of the signage wayfinding project for WANDA REALM HOTEL can be attributed to its comprehensive approach, blending meticulous design, precision manufacturing, and responsive customer service. This collaboration has not only enhanced the navigational experience within the hotel but also showcased ZIGO's prowess in delivering tailored solutions for its clients.