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ZIGO sign-The production process of external signage is very important

When designing and producing external signage, it is crucial to pay attention to design details and craftsmanship. This involves multiple aspects, including but not limited to material selection, readability, durability, and environmental adaptability. Here are several key aspects to consider:

1.Material selection: Choosing durable, weather resistant, and easy to clean materials is crucial for external labeling. Common choices include metal, fiberglass, acrylic,316#stainless steel and weather resistant plastics. These materials can remain stable under various climatic conditions, thereby extending the lifespan of the identification.

2. Readability: External markings must have good readability, whether during the day or night. This involves selecting appropriate fonts, colors, and sizes to ensure that information is clear and visible, and can attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles.

3. Durability: External signage needs to withstand the test of time and natural elements. Therefore, adopting high-quality manufacturing processes is crucial. This may include weather resistant spray coatings, UV resistant materials, and corrosion-resistant metal components to ensure that the identification remains clear and attractive for a long time.

4. Environmental adaptability: Considering the various environmental conditions that external signage may face, such as strong winds, high temperatures, humidity, and UV exposure, the design must be able to adapt to these conditions. This may involve special waterproofing treatments, UV resistant coatings, and structural stability design.

5. Installation requirements: Finally, the installation process is also an important aspect to consider. The installation of identification should consider safety, stability, and aesthetics to ensure that it will not tilt, loosen, or be damaged during use.

Considering these key aspects, the design and production of outdoor directory signs need to comprehensively consider materials, manufacturing processes, environmental factors, and installation requirements to ensure that the final product has a high-quality appearance, reliable performance, and long-term service life.