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ZIGO sign-Water depth and no diving wall sign is installed at the grille next to the hotel beach

Water depth and no diving wall sign is installed at the grille next to the hotel beach. The production process of Water depth and no diving wall sign is divided into three steps. Firstly, the color of the hotel grille is compared. Then, the # 316 stainless steel plate is painted to the same color as the grille. Then, etching and coloring treatment is carried out on the painted stainless steel plate. However, before coloring, all content information needs to be sanded 5mm deep. This step can make the Water depth and no diving wall sign printed with the content information. Finally, use epoxy adhesive to fix the Water depth and no diving wall sign onto the grille.

Beach Rule Signboard is a vertical signage structure. The vertical signature uses 2mm thick stainless steel as the substrate, and the exposed surface of the stainless steel is painted with fluorocarbon paint process to the specified white color. All information on the inner board of the Beach Rule Signboard is processed using screen printing technology. The Beach Rule Signboard is made of stainless steel plate as the base material, but the column surface and content information surface are bent and welded, causing the content information surface to sink by 15mm. The reason for this is to create a visual concavity and convexity, allowing guests or pedestrians to recognize the key points emphasized by the Beach Rule Signboard at a glance. Due to its location on the beach, the Beach Rule Signboard requires rigorous craftsmanship during installation to ensure safety and stability issues after installation. When installing the Beach Rule Signboard, it is necessary to dig suitable and sufficiently deep pre embedded points at the predetermined location in advance. After preparing the pre embedded points, a layer of crushed stone cushion layer should be placed at the bottom of the pre embedded points. Then, a steel bar mold should be inserted above the crushed stone cushion layer, and a specified amount of C30 concrete should be poured into the steel bar mold to form a concrete layer of the specified shape. Place a T8mm steel plate base above the C30 concrete, and then use expansion bolts to fix the T8mm base and the C30 concrete layer. Then use T5mm steel plate welding to form reinforcement ribs to fix the bottom corners of both sides of the Beach Rule Signboard and the T8mm steel plate base. Subsequently, a layer of concrete is poured to form a concrete plane to reinforce and cover the entire embedded point plane area. Finally, a layer of ground decorative bricks (to be confirmed with the hotel management) is installed on the entire concrete plane to achieve the purpose of beautification.