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ZIGO sign-TK executives greatly admire ZIGO's professionalism

ZIGO: The Importance of "Deepening Design": This is our TK branch building project in Shenzhen, and we hope that ZIGO can participate in the signage service - TIKTOC

Exchange with TK Architecture Design Director in April 2024.

"It is said that ZIGO is a logo manufacturing service company with detailed design capabilities for layout and product development."


Our TK headquarters in Beijing and branch office buildings in Shanghai used to collaborate with other signage companies, but now there are very obvious problems. After being informed by a third-party testing company, it was found that the original signage production company was not professional in the layout and deepening design, resulting in too many problems with signage guidance. Therefore, our project in Shenzhen hopes that companies with strong deepening design capabilities can provide professional services. We have learned from the industry that ZIGO is specialized in these areas, so we hope that ZIGO can provide professional solutions in deepening the project signage scheme design after it is completed, so that TK's Shenzhen office building signage can be 100% handed over to ZIGO. As long as a few positions are professional: layout and deepening designer, product design. Deepen designers, project managers, and project leaders.

This is the communication content from the design director of the construction department of the global well-known enterprise TK Internet platform. It is conceivable that if the logo content of a building project of hundreds of thousands of square meters only focuses on the production quality of the signboard, many factories can produce it with the current factory capacity in China. The difference is only material and technology, and the difference is only 10% -30%. But as a construction project, what is needed is not only good signboards, but more clear guidance systems and signs with more corporate brand image. So, the difference between a professional signage service company and a factory with only production capacity is over 70%! This is also the importance of deepening design in projects!