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ZIGO sign-ZIGO Enhances Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Binjiang with Expert Wayfinding System

Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Binjiang has partnered with ZIGO, a leading wayfinding system manufacturer, to revolutionize its guest experience through a state-of-the-art wayfinding signage system. Renowned as a top signage manufacturing company, ZIGO delivered a comprehensive solution that combines functionality with elegance.

The project included both external and internal building signage. Externally, ZIGO’s signage seamlessly integrates with the hotel’s modern architecture, crafted from premium materials for durability and a polished finish. These signs guide guests effortlessly from the entrance to key areas within the hotel.

Internally, the wayfinding hotel system features meticulously designed signage, including lobby directories, elevator indicators, and room number plaques. Each piece reflects ZIGO’s commitment to excellence in signage wayfinding design and architectural signage systems.

ZIGO’s advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that every sign is not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting. By partnering with the signage company ZIGO, Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Binjiang has set a new benchmark in luxury hospitality, enhancing both navigation and guest satisfaction.