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ZIGO sign-Four major development trends of commercial complex signage design in 2024

Urban commercial complex is a new form of modern commerce and trade. It is a "city in the city" based on a building complex, integrating five core functions of commercial retail, business office, hotel and catering, apartment residence, and comprehensive entertainment.

No matter what form of commercial complex, the signage system is an indispensable part of planning and design. The primary goal of the signage signage system planning and design is to provide convenient and fast guidance for people's travel. The signage system is a design product that combines function and art, and conveys information to people through clear and intuitive visual design. So what development trends will the planning and design of the signage system for commercial complexes present next?

①The signage design of commercial complexes follows the principle of consistency.

The planning and design of the signage system for shopping malls should be consistent with the brand image of the entire shopping mall, consistent with the positioning of the shopping mall, and consistent with the environment. Logically speaking, the signage system for shopping malls is an important part of the commercial environment design.

The planning and design of the signage system for shopping malls has a great impact on the spatial environment. The signage design of some commercial complexes has always been limited to the eye-catchingness of the single image design logo, and has not yet reached the level of actively improving the quality of the surrounding environment. Therefore, in the planning and design of the shopping mall guide system, first of all, the sign guide system must be expressed as a positive environmental element in terms of thought.

② The guide design of the commercial complex fully explores the regional cultural attributes of different cities.

With the current urbanization development and the increasing improvement of the functions of commercial complexes, there are more and more commercial complexes with similar positioning, architectural styles, and expressions. How to break the dilemma and enhance the personalization and creativity of commercial complexes through guide design?

When planning and designing the guide system of the commercial complex, ZIGO fully explores the different cultural attributes of each city and finds a differentiated core strategy for the project. The guide system planning is closely designed around the core strategy, so that the brand assets and image assets of the commercial complex are accumulated in the same direction. The more thematic and symbolic guide system can play a positive role in activating the commercial value of the project.

③ The guide design of the commercial complex makes full use of scientific and technological means.

The intelligent guide system of the shopping mall combines modern intelligent information technology and new media communication technology to provide consumers with a more humane and digital shopping method to better meet consumers' shopping experience needs. At the same time, the smart signage guidance system gives people the correct instructions anytime and anywhere. The smart signage guidance system greatly saves time, and invisibly improves the brand image of the commercial complex and increases its market competitiveness.

Therefore, in the planning and design of the guide system of the commercial complex in the future, adding modern scientific and technological means can make the way of presentation of the shopping mall guide system more vivid , more guiding and expressive, fully mobilize people's visual, auditory, tactile and other factors, and create a more attractive signage guidance system design.

④ The guide design of the commercial complex should fully combine the new shopping and leisure methods of the younger generation.

With the development of the urban economy and the iteration of consumer groups of different generations, the post-90s and post-00s who pay attention to the quality of life and personalized experience have gradually become the main consumer force in the new era. Paying for interest and paying for experience are their mainstream consumption methods. Shopping malls are being given more expectations beyond shopping, so the consumption needs of young people must be fully considered at the beginning of the planning and design of the sign and guidance system. In terms of guidance design and creativity, including the shape and functional display of the guidance system, it is necessary to fully combine young people's trendy experiences, scene interactions, social check-ins and other new shopping and leisure methods. Through the guidance system, they are guided to have a good experience in the mall, thereby promoting the performance growth of the commercial complex, establishing a good reputation for the commercial complex, and establishing a good brand image.