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ZIGO SIGN-Comprehensive deepening design, production, and installation services

ZIGO has recently successfully completed the signage and guidance system project for Shanghai Marriott Hotel, providing comprehensive deepening design, production, and installation services for this well-known hotel. The successful completion of this project not only demonstrates ZIGO's outstanding capabilities in the field of wayfinding signature design, but also further consolidates its leading position in the hotel industry.

In this project, ZIGO utilized advanced wayfinding system design concepts to ensure that every detail was carefully designed to enhance the overall guest experience. Through precise signage, guests can easily find the necessary facilities and services, and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable stay experience.

As a professional hotel signage supplier, ZIGO understands the importance of every project. The guidance system designed for Shanghai Marriott Hotel this time not only has a beautiful appearance, but also practical functions, fully considering the hotel's brand image and actual needs. ZIGO's team strictly controls every step of the project process, from design to production and installation, to ensure that every identification meets high quality standards.

The successful implementation of this project once again proves ZIGO's professional level in hotel signage wayfinding. In the future, ZIGO will continue to be committed to providing high-quality signage system design and services for more high-end hotels and commercial projects, striving to create excellent user experience and brand value in each project.