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ZIGO sign-Why cannot the identification project guidance system directly quote based on product images?

The reasons why the project guidance system cannot directly quote based on product images are as follows:

1.Signage oriented systems are often applied in hotels, commercial complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, tourist attractions, transportation hubs, residential areas, and other areas. The project guidance system requires experienced point designers to complete the layout of signage and creative concept designers to design signage styles that are suitable for the surrounding environment and elements of the area before deepening the signage work.

2.Images may not provide sufficient detailed information: Product images usually only display the appearance of the product and cannot provide detailed information about materials, dimensions, functions, etc. This information is crucial for accurate pricing.

3.The impact of accessories and options: Product images often cannot display all possible accessories and options. Different accessories and options will have an impact on the price of the product, which cannot be reflected in the pictures.

4.Consideration of customization needs: Many times, customers have special customization needs and need to provide quotes based on specific requirements. However, relying solely on product images cannot meet this customization requirement.

5.Product changes and updates: Products often undergo continuous updates and improvements, while images may not be updated in a timely manner. If the quotation is based solely on images, it may result in a discrepancy between the price and the actual product.

Therefore, in order to ensure accurate pricing, the project guidance system requires more detailed information, and relying solely on product images cannot meet this requirement.

Case: Crowne Plaza Hotel Bangladesh Room Number - Product Section

Firstly, a professional structural design company (such as "HBA") will provide the overall project plan drawings (PDF files) for the project. The drawing files contain product dimensions, shapes, simple requirements, and application scenario effects. Based on this information and our years of relevant case experience, we have decomposed the product's material, process, and installation structure instructions.

Before deepening (information provided by the customer: size, shape, installation position):

After deepening (ZIGO provided deepening content: material, manufacturing process, installation instructions):

Sample confirmation before production: