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ZIGO sign-What are the design criteria for the guidance system?

1. Information: Accurate and effective information transmission

A. Accuracy: The guidance system must accurately guide the directional instructions of the building and provide safe and continuous experience.

B. Clarity: It can clearly indicate the direction of the area for pedestrians, and can clearly determine the direction of the area while pedestrians are moving at low speeds; For motor vehicle drivers, there must be more eye-catching and visually appealing signs in the surrounding regular streets, shopping malls, and other areas.

2. Directionality: Creating a sense of location orientation

3. Image uniformity:

A. The signage system is an important component of the image display of urban architecture and commercial entities.

B. The design of a unique guidance system is of great significance for the establishment of a distinctive and competitive regional culture.

C. Different colors, shapes, materials, and fonts will create different feelings for visitors.

4. Humanization: The design interface must be humanized, truly starting from the perspective of the user, to form an effective interactive experience.