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ZIGO sign-What are the types of flat luminous characters in the identification industry? What are the advantages of flat luminous characters?

Flat luminous characters are generally flat on the surface and packaged with acrylic colored panels. The character shell is made of galvanized iron or stainless steel, which is transformed into the shape of the character. Inside the character, there is an LED luminous module, which is a luminous box character.


(1) Galvanized iron sheet edge flat luminous characters;

(2) Stainless steel edge flat luminous characters;

(3) Aluminum plastic panel edge flat luminous characters;

(4) Aluminum plate edge flat luminous characters;

(5) PVC edge flat luminous characters;


(1) Unique strength, high wear resistance, superior anti-corrosion performance, and resistance to rusting are excellent characteristics.

(2) High brightness: At night, the overall flat surface emits light, with brilliant colors that attract attention.

(3) Easy to repair: Compared to vacuum molded characters and neon light characters, it is more convenient to repair

(4) Energy saving: More than 50% more energy-efficient than any advertisement with the same brightness.

(5) Low production cost: Different edge materials are used to achieve the overall effect, which is lower than the cost of mini characters and resin characters.