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ZIGO sign-What should be noted in the planning and design of hotel signage?

1.Easy to recognize : Hotel signage should have a clear and concise design that enables people to quickly recognize. The font, color, size, etc. of the logo should conform to people's visual habits and avoid using overly complex or obscure designs.

2.Match with hotel style: The design of the hotel logo should match the overall style of the hotel, reflecting the image and brand characteristics of the hotel. For example, the signage of high-end luxury hotels may use materials such as metal and marble, while the signage of economy hotels may be more concise and practical.

3.Clear instructions and navigation functions: The hotel signage should be able to clearly indicate and navigate guests, making it easy for them to find target locations such as entrances, front desk, and guest rooms. The layout and location of signage should take into account the guest's line of sight and walking path, avoiding overcrowding or chaos.

4.Durability and easy maintenance: Hotel signage should have the characteristics of durability and easy maintenance to ensure long-term use. The material and production process of the logo should be of high quality, able to adapt to various climate conditions and environmental requirements.

5.Safety and compliance with laws and regulations: The design of hotel signage should comply with relevant safety standards and legal requirements to avoid potential risks to personal safety. For example, the size and height of the signage should comply with building and fire safety regulations to avoid obstructing exits or interfering with escape routes.

In summary, the planning and design of hotel signage needs to consider aspects such as easy identification, matching with the hotel style, clear navigation functions, durability, easy maintenance, and safety compliance, in order to enhance the guest experience and satisfaction.