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ZIGO sign-How can a spiritual fortress excel in creative design to impress people?

A spiritual fortress is a large signboard used to express the image of a city and a company. It is a unique artistic carrier that integrates urban image, artistic creativity, and design. The tall and well-designed exterior of the spiritual fortress is highly praised for its uniqueness. The uniqueness and personalization of spiritual fortresses are conducive to spreading regional and corporate culture, establishing a unique brand image and regional characteristics.

In general, the size of a spiritual fortress is approximately 7-27 meters. A spiritual fortress below 7 meters is more suitable as a standing card. Although the cost of a super large spiritual fortress over 22 meters is relatively high, it can serve as a landmark and guide very well.

The spiritual fortress reflects the style and culture of the region/enterprise with its high posture, so its unique creative design is particularly important. Next, based on ZIGO sign's practical experience, we will elaborate on how to do a good job in creative design of spiritual fortresses from three aspects.

1.Pay attention to early communication and fully understand the actual needs of customers

At the beginning of the creative design of the spiritual fortress, sufficient research and communication work needs to be done in advance. You can first refer to the surrounding buildings and urban styles of the spiritual fortress to create about 10 sets of different styles of spiritual fortress styles and submit them to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirms that there are styles that meet their needs, they can further understand the artistic conception they want to express or the corporate value they want to promote.

At the same time, it is necessary to conduct on-site visits to the environment, conduct in-depth investigations on various aspects of the region/enterprise, and make effective information extraction after extensive communication. Only through multiple communications and on-site investigations can a solid information foundation be laid for the creative design of the spiritual fortress.

2. Unique design concept

The creative design of spiritual fortresses is generally based on different types of spiritual fortresses, combined with basic information provided by customers and corporate/regional culture, and implanted with exclusive design concepts belonging to this project to achieve the ultimate ideal effect.

OCT Anti Aircraft Cannon, located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, is an amusement style town inspired by the "Anti Aircraft Cannon" logo and full of Chinese classical celebration.

Haikou Hard Stone Guitar, located in Haikou City, Hainan Province, is a comprehensive hotel inspired by the "Guitar" logo and full of artistic atmosphere.

The design team of ZIGO sign has broken through the regional architectural style by using sharp lines to outline the unique shapes of these two spiritual fortresses. The surfaces of Overseas Chinese Town's anti-aircraft guns and Haikou's hard stone guitars are colorful with baked paint, full of their own unique artistic sense.

3. Planning and design should have front-end thinking

The spiritual fortress represents the overall spiritual outlook and corporate culture of a company or region, so its symbolic significance is significant. The design team of ZIGO sign not only considers the current needs of customers, but also seeks a balance between trendiness and environmental friendliness from a long-term perspective.