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ZIGO sign-Where are the hotel brand logos installed?

The hotel brand logo is usually installed in one of the following locations:

1.Hotel lobby entrance: The brand logo can be located on the wall at the entrance of the hotel lobby to welcome visiting guests.

2.Hotel lobby reception desk: The brand logo can be placed on the background wall of the reception desk to showcase the professional image of the brand.

3. Hotel room door sign: The brand logo can be printed on the hotel room door sign, making it easy for guests to quickly identify their room.

4.Hotel elevator lobby: The brand logo can be installed on the wall or elevator entrance of the hotel elevator lobby, allowing guests to feel the brand image before entering the elevator.

5.Hotel Restaurant or Meeting Room: The brand logo can be placed on the walls of the restaurant or meeting room within the hotel to enhance the brand's presence.

6.Top floor area of the hotel: The brand logo can be installed in the curtain wall area of the top floor of the hotel, which can better promote the hotel culture visually.

7. Hotel Canopy Area: The brand logo can be installed in the canopy area above the hotel entrance door, and can alternate with the logo in the top curtain wall area to promote hotel culture.

The most suitable location for installing the logo needs to be determined based on the specific hotel design and brand image.