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ZIGO sign-How to choose the appropriate entry point for public signage?

When choosing the appropriate entry point for public signage, the following factors can be considered:

1.Target audience: Determine who you want to convey the message to. Different audiences may have different needs and understanding abilities for different types of signage.

2. Place environment: Consider the characteristics of the place where the signage will be placed, such as indoor or outdoor, whether there is lighting, and whether there are other interfering factors. Choose the appropriate type and design of signage based on the specific site environment.

3. Information content: Clearly define the content and purpose of the information you want to convey. Select appropriate forms of signage based on the importance and urgency of the information, such as text, images, symbols, etc.

4. Visual effects: Consider the attractiveness and readability of the visual effects of the signage to the target audience. Choose appropriate colors, fonts, sizes, and other elements to ensure that the signage can clearly convey information.

5. Safety: For some special places, such as fire escape routes, hazardous areas, etc., it is necessary to choose signage that meets safety standards to ensure the safety of personnel.

In summary, selecting the appropriate entry point for public signage requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as target audience, venue environment, information content, visual effects, and safety, and flexible selection based on specific circumstances.