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ZIGO sign-What should the hotel logo achieve?

A good hotel logo should have the following characteristics:

1.Concise and powerful: The logo should convey the core information of the hotel concisely, using concise design elements and text to express the hotel's brand characteristics and values.

2. Unique and easily recognizable: The logo should have uniqueness and distinguish it from other hotels, so that customers can easily recognize and remember it. The shape, color, and graphic elements of the logo should match the style and positioning of the hotel.

3. Scalability: The logo should be able to maintain clarity and recognizability on different media and sizes, including display on large billboards, small-sized business cards, or digital platforms.

4. Fashion and durability: The logo design should conform to fashion trends, but also consider long-term use. Avoid choosing overly fashionable elements to avoid becoming outdated in the future.

5. Consistent with the hotel brand: The logo should be consistent with the overall image and philosophy of the hotel brand, conveying the same feelings and values. The logo should reflect the service quality, style, and uniqueness of the hotel.

6. Can be applied to multiple media: The logo should be suitable for different media, including printing, digital platforms, billboards, and so on. It should be able to maintain clarity and readability on different backgrounds and sizes.

These key points help ensure that a good hotel logo plays an important role in conveying the hotel's brand image, attracting customers, and maintaining a memorable impression in their minds.