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ZIGO sign-What are the common identification signs in daily life?

A.Divided by form

1.Roof style signage: Refers to the installation of fixed structures on the roof of a building, and the hanging or pasting of board shaped, cubic or imaginary signage on them. Usually seen on the rooftops of some buildings.

2.A horizontal, vertical, or three-dimensional sign marked on certain fixed structures on the ground. This type is often seen in parks and other places.

3.Signboards that protrude from the walls of buildings and are used as advertising carriers on both sides except for the back, or in cases where there are two walls on both sides. This is still quite common, such as the storefronts of good shops on the street.

4.The overall proportion is relatively long horizontally. Generally, the entire surface is used as advertising signs, which can be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.

5.The entire proportion is relatively long vertically. Generally, the entire surface is used as advertising signs, which can often be seen outside shopping malls and other places.

B.Divided by production material

1.Composite identification label

Synthetic identification signs include (acrylic) board, fiberglass, aluminum-plastic board, PVC board, sunshine board, fluorocarbon board, etc. Its characteristics lie in its innovative personality, strong sense of fashion, simple construction structure, and low material cost. Due to the variety of synthetic materials and their varying performance, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of their characteristics and select materials reasonably when selecting them.

2.Metal identification signs

The application of metal materials in modern identification is very extensive. The production of metal identification signs is mainly based on raw materials such as aluminum alloy plates, stainless steel plates, cold plates, titanium plates, copper plates, etc., and is made through processes such as die-casting, etching, baking paint, electroplating, etc. Fashionable appearance with a strong sense of modernity.

3.Stone identification signs

Stone is not easily damaged by natural conditions and has a long service life; The disadvantage of stone is that the material itself is too heavy, which is not conducive to processing, and there are also many structural considerations that need to be considered. However, both it and wood exhibit excellent texture effects, share a common style, and have a rich cultural flavor, which cannot be replaced by other materials.

4.Wooden signage

Nowadays, wooden signage is still widely used in some tourist attractions such as gardens, zoos, and parks. The advantage of wooden signage as standard is that it can give people a feeling of natural intimacy and traditional return; Its disadvantage lies in its high cost. Although shallow wood has a low cost, it is easily affected by natural factors, such as deformation and cracking.

5.LED illuminated identification signs

LED illuminated signage is a product of today's technological progress and a symbol of an era. Generally used in some large shopping malls and commercial streets, LED illuminated signs have good daytime and nighttime effects and a strong sense of the times, but a common problem is high maintenance costs.

C.Divide by application scenario

1. Underground parking lot signage

2. Commercial real estate signage

3. Real estate trademark identification signs

4. Public environment signage

5. Educational institution identification signs

6. Hospital institution identification signs

7. Enterprise factory identification signs

8. Residential community signage

9. Tourist attraction signage