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ZIGO sign-The scenic area signage is another facade of the scenic area

Signage is one of the key explicit scoring items in the evaluation of A-level tourist attractions. It not only accounts for a significant proportion of the score, but also has an important impact on the development of tourist activities and the overall environment of the scenic area. The signage is a fixed "tour guide" in the scenic area, a "renderer" of the tourism atmosphere, and a display platform for the cultural heritage of the scenic area.

Where to start the design, planning, and production of the signage and guidance system for a specific scenic area? ZIGO sign believes that the design and production of the scenic area signage and guidance system is crucial, but a prerequisite step that is easily overlooked is the actual investigation and analysis of the scenic area. The in-depth and thorough analysis and research of the scenic area can be summarized into four major aspects.

One is to conduct in-depth analysis of the geographical environment of the scenic area

Different geographical environments have different climatic characteristics, which limit the installation of scenic area signage; The climate characteristics will have specific requirements for the quality of scenic area signage. That is to say, when planning scenic area signage, it is necessary to discuss and analyze the rationality of each signage installation location based on the geographical location of the scenic area. Especially in some nature reserves, where vegetation is protected, it is necessary to avoid these areas when setting up signage locations. The geographical and climatic characteristics are one of the conditions for selecting materials for making signage. In some scenic areas with large temperature differences, organic materials with poor temperature resistance should not be used for signage materials.

Secondly, conduct a thorough study of the landscape characteristics of the scenic area

Extract the theme and maintain consistency between the visual effect of the scenic area signage and the atmosphere of the scenic area. The scenic area signage and guidance system is a complete concept that combines the fields of environment and signage. It is not simply a display of information about the spatial functions and forms of the environment, but rather a scientific, systematic, holistic, and diverse display and transmission of information in specific environments based on the emphasis on environmental functions. Convenient for tourists to travel, while maintaining consistency with the theme characteristics of the scenic area, without damaging the overall theme atmosphere of the scenic area. It can be said that the scenic area signage and guidance system is an integral part of the environment. When designing and producing scenic area signage, the signage company should pay attention to the basic indication and guidance functions of the scenic area signage and guidance system, ensuring that the external visual effect of the signage is consistent with the current scenic area environment.

Thirdly, analyze the deep cultural connotations of the scenic area and use the signage and navigation system to visualize the cultural themes of the scenic area

In the process of visualizing the cultural connotations of scenic spots, landscape introduction signs are a typical example. Many tourists, while visiting scenic spots, hope to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on one hand, and on the other hand, they also hope to learn about relevant culture and history. Using scenic area signage to directly display cultural connotation information is an effective measure to help tourists understand the history and culture of the scenic area, and also a way to explore the cultural connotation of the scenic area.

As far as the current domestic scenic spot signage and guidance system is concerned, with the development of the tourism industry, signage is increasingly being used in tourist attractions. Signage companies of various strengths and scales are sprouting up like mushrooms after rain. However, in reality, research and analysis in this area are limited, especially in the application of signage in scenic spot environments, where there are many misunderstandings, such as the lack of necessary signage in many tourist attractions or the unreasonable location and density of signage; Or the signs may be outdated or lack novelty; There are also some signs that do not match the environmental characteristics of the scenic area. This not only affects the tourist experience, but also damages the garden environment, affects the garden image, and lowers the cultural taste of tourist attractions.

The defects in the signage of tourist attractions are twofold: one is the theoretical lack of professional signage and guidance systems, and the other is the lack of practical analysis and examination of the design and planning of signage and guidance systems during the development and construction of scenic spots. The establishment of the scenic area signage and guidance system is not based on the imagination of the signage company's designers, but on the geographical environment, landscape characteristics, and cultural heritage of the scenic area. On this basis, designers can use their imagination to create scenic area signage that is like an artwork.

ZIGO sign has always been committed to the field of public space information communication (planning, design, production and installation of spatial guidance systems). Through resource integration and restoration design in the later stage, it integrates signage with the environment and effectively conveys information. For many years, with profound planning and excellent creativity, we have won the trust and recognition of customers and industry partners, and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.