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Commercial outdoor signage How to do anti-corrosion maintenance

The common identification signs in life are flat identification plates, concave identification plates, convex identification plates, three-dimensional identification plates and other types. Different signs are installed in different locations, some installed outdoors, some installed indoors, in the use of the process, all need regular maintenance and maintenance, after all, regular maintenance and maintenance can ensure the use of advertising signs for a long time. So how do we need to maintain different types of signs in the process of use?

First: Whether it is commercial outdoor signage or indoor sign plate, it is necessary to ensure the smooth and beautiful surface of the sign plate, and ensure the color saturation of the paint surface of the sign plate. When installing the sign plate, avoid hitting the sign plate with hard items, so as to avoid scratches and affect the appearance. In the process of use, the surface of the sign plate is regularly sprayed with anti-corrosion paint, so that the surface of the sign plate forms a protective layer to better protect the color of the sign plate.

Second: commercial outdoor signage uses a variety of materials. When it is necessary to install a metal sign plate, although it is known that the surface of the metal sign plate will be painted in the production, so it can not be in a strong acid or alkali environment for a long time, if the sign plate is not special treatment, add anti-hardening agents, the surface of the sign plate is easy to be scratched and worn. In the process of use, if there is dust on the surface of the sign, we can wipe it gently with water or a towel; If there is oil on the surface of the sign, special cleaning solvents need to be used for cleaning. In order to ensure the service life of the sign plate, when cleaning the sign plate, it can not use a hard brush to clean the surface, nor can it be soaked with a solvent containing acid and alkali, so as not to cause damage to the surface of the sign plate.

Third: For the sign plate installed in commercial outdoor signage, it is necessary to regularly check the fastness of the fixing bolts and welding positions of the sign plate, and regularly strengthen each component to prevent injuries and unnecessary losses caused by the fall of the sign plate at high altitude.

The above is the entire content of the maintenance and maintenance of commercial outdoor signage brought by the sign manufacturer in the process of use, and the maintenance and maintenance of advertising signage is also the top priority, hoping to attract everyone's attention.