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What are the details of signage for hotels?

signage for hotels is a part of the new hotel project, which is the hardware configuration of the hotel public service facilities, the overall planning and production of the hotel will be the overall planning of a sound hotel logo management system. There are many types of signs included in the hotel logo management system, and there are generally the following types of signs.

Hotel floor plan, floor plan is the common sign sign in the management system of the guide system, the hotel sign will also layout the hotel floor plan sign, generally placed in the hotel hall, stairwell and hotel gate and other directions, so that customers can grasp the reasonable layout structure of the hotel area, you can find a reasonable way in the strange natural environment of the hotel.

The hotel's function area guide plate, the hotel's hall, hotel, entertainment area, fitness club, senior conference center these function areas must be equipped with the hotel function area guide plate in the direction of the stairwell, elevator car entrance, etc., so that consumers can find the current policy function area according to this guide plate.

Conference, dining oriented sign, the main consumer origin of the hotel is the conference staff and leisure vacation, business reception visitors, so the conference and dining guide is the key content of the hotel logo management system, this guide sign is the overall plan can be changed according to the content of the logo, So that the hotel can adjust the sign content according to different conference and dining types. This conference, dining oriented sign for customers to give fast service projects, is often used by the hotel sign.

The movable guide sign plate is generally a temporary guide sign plate, which is generally a temporary guide plate of a campaign poster or some theme activities, and is the sound and fill of the first two categories of sign plates. Generally speaking, this sign is the logo of the planner of the theme event, and the hotel only needs to put the sign in the appropriate direction to apply for it.