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Corning Hospital Pingshan Campus

Project name:Corning Hospital Pingshan Campus

Service content:deepening design,production,installation

Number of signboards:4324

The entire project cycle:8 months

Deepening the design cycle:3 months

Production cycle: 4 months

Installation cycle: 1 month

Building area: 133000 square meters

The Corning Hospital Pingshan Campus is a comprehensive medical facility located in Pingshan, China. This project was undertaken by ZIGO Sign, a leading enterprise in the field of guidance sign manufacturing and design in mainland China. ZIGO Sign specializes in creating signage for various types of buildings, including hotels, hospitals, schools, real estate developments, business centers, parks, and churches.

The Corning Hospital Pingshan Campus project, undertaken by ZIGO Sign, stands as a testament to the company's expertise in the field of guidance signage. With a comprehensive service package that includes deepening design, production, and installation, ZIGO Sign has successfully executed a large-scale project within a tight timeline of just 8 months.

Spanning an impressive 133,000 square meters, the Pingshan Campus of Corning Hospital required a total of 4,324 signboards to ensure clear and effective navigation throughout the facility. The project was meticulously phased, beginning with a 3-month deepening design phase. This initial stage was crucial for refining the details of each sign, ensuring that they met the specific needs of the hospital and adhered to the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Following the design phase, ZIGO Sign moved into the production phase, which lasted 4 months. During this time, each of the 4,324 signboards was carefully manufactured, with attention paid to durability, visibility, and aesthetic appeal. The production process was not only about creating signs but also about crafting tools that enhance the patient and visitor experience within the hospital.

The final phase of the project was the installation, which was completed in just 1 month. This swift and efficient installation process was a result of meticulous planning and coordination, ensuring that every signboard was correctly positioned and securely fixed. The successful completion of this phase marked the culmination of the project, with the signage system now fully operational and ready to guide patients and visitors through the vast campus of Corning Hospital.

In summary, the Corning Hospital Pingshan Campus project is a showcase of ZIGO Sign's ability to handle large-scale signage projects with precision and efficiency. From the initial design to the final installation, every step was executed with a focus on quality, functionality, and aesthetics, resulting in a comprehensive signage system that enhances the overall functionality of the hospital.

ZIGO Sign's involvement in the Corning Hospital Pingshan Campus project showcases their expertise and commitment to providing top-notch guidance sign solutions for large-scale building projects. The successful completion of this project further solidifies ZIGO Sign's reputation as a trusted partner in the construction and design industry.