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ZIGO sign - Warm celebration of ZIGO becoming the contractor for Chongqing Line 9 signage project

"ZIGO sign from Shenzhen Secures Contract for Signage and Wayfinding Project on Chongqing Rail Line 9

Shenzhen-based signage company, ZIGO sign, has successfully secured the contract for the signage and wayfinding project on China's Chongqing Rail Line 9. The project involves the installation of signage and directional aids along the route stretching from Huashigou Station to Xinqiao Station.

Chongqing Rail Line 9, a vital transportation artery in the region, connects various key locations, serving commuters with efficient transit services. ZIGO sign's involvement underscores its expertise in delivering comprehensive signage solutions for transportation infrastructure projects.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, ZIGO sign's installation of lightbox advertisements within the subway tracks promises enhanced visibility and guidance for passengers navigating the bustling rail network.

This development marks another milestone in ZIGO sign's portfolio, showcasing its capabilities in contributing to the enhancement of public transportation systems through effective signage and wayfinding solutions."