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Benefits of using Digital signage in the mall

Digital smart signage in the past has not been perfect development, on the contrary, some people will have some psychological resistance to it, but with the arrival of the information age, new media has been rapid development, Digital signage has been widely used in all walks of life; Its application value has ushered in a big reform in the market; So what are the benefits of using Digital signage in the marketplace?

First, for the shopping mall image points

Digital signage generally exists as a leading sign in the mall, and its role is to bring visual experience and feeling experience to the mall. At the same time, consumers can also interact with brand digital media to meet people's overall experience needs; With digital electronic products, you can freely use photos, electronics, and even your favorite news;


Second, to save costs for the mall

Traditional communication methods, such as door design and roll-up, have obvious advantages when compared with Digital signage. With the progress of society, the production cost of static posters is becoming more and more expensive, at this time, choosing digital signage can save a lot of costs; You can no longer wait for printing for a long time, pay extra shipping and insurance;

Three, there are more AD placements

Digital signage can generate more advertising revenue opportunities, both for retail malls and for communication companies that work with them; This is a very valuable real estate sign, does not take up space, and can also be used for leasing;

Fourth, the development speed of Digital signage

The establishment of the LCD terminal can not only shape the brand image of the mall, but also provide people with weather information, clock reminders and other information they need, so as to further enrich the playback content; It can also use the convenience of the network to update the required information immediately and promote various brands;

The Digital signage of the shopping mall has been strictly tested by various customers with high standards in terms of system stability, operability, security and multiple concurrent users. Therefore, it is also the inevitable result of being sought after by various groups of people!