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ZIGO sign-The wayfinding signage project at the Renaissance Hotel is another starting point for ZIGO in the field of wayfinding signage

ZIGO is a comprehensive signage company based in China, specializing in the design, production, and installation of signage projects. With a commitment to quality and aesthetics, ZIGO has established itself as a preferred supplier for businesses seeking to enhance their visual identity.

The exemplary Hainan Renaissance Hotel stands as a beacon of international luxury and hospitality standards. To reflect its status as a five-star establishment, the hotel sought top-tier signage solutions that would uphold its reputation for excellence. Among a myriad of suppliers, the Hainan Renaissance Hotel chose ZIGO for its expertise in signage design, high-quality production capabilities, and reliable installation services.

Tailoring their approach to suit the distinct styles of different areas within the hotel, ZIGO embarked on a comprehensive design process for various signage elements including room numbers, directional signs, and high-level indicators. Prior to production, detailed design plans were presented to the hotel management for approval. Upon receiving the green light, ZIGO meticulously crafted samples for each area, ensuring they met the hotel's exacting standards. Only after obtaining final approval from the management did production commence.

Every signage component underwent rigorous quality control measures before being delivered to the hotel for inspection. Once all signage items were approved, ZIGO deployed its expert installation team to the hotel premises. Working closely with the hotel management, ZIGO meticulously mapped out the installation points, ensuring alignment with electrical layouts and overall aesthetics. With safety as a top priority, ZIGO ensured that all installation personnel were duly qualified for high-altitude work.

Thanks to ZIGO's professionalism and attention to detail, the signage project at the Hainan Renaissance Hotel was completed successfully within a timeframe of seven months. From initial design concepts to the final installation, ZIGO's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shone through, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and reinforcing the hotel's status as a premier destination for luxury and comfort.