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ZIGO sign-ZIGO has been awarded the WAYFINDING SIGNAGE project by HILTON HOTEL with its excellent deepening design scheme.

ZIGO has obtained the Hilton Hotel signage wayfinding project. ZIGO's team is renowned for its excellent design refinement ability, and ZIGO has completed this wayfinding signage project in a precise and clever manner.

The project commenced with ZIGO's designers meticulously analyzing the floor plans of the Hilton Hotel to strategize the placement of signage across various areas. This meticulous process required on-site verification by ZIGO's layout designers to ensure accurate positioning of the signage. Once the placement was confirmed, ZIGO's structural designers embarked on the task of refining the structure of the signage, aligning it with both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Upon completion of the structural refinement, detailed design blueprints were presented to the management of Hilton Hotel for approval. With their consent secured, ZIGO's factory commenced the production process, meticulously categorizing and sampling signage for each area of the hotel. Samples were then presented to the hotel management for final confirmation.

Throughout the production phase, ZIGO remained dedicated to accommodating any feedback from the Hilton Hotel management, ensuring that the signage met their exact specifications. This commitment to excellence extended to the installation phase, where ZIGO's specialized team demonstrated exceptional efficiency in completing the signage wayfinding project.

The successful completion of the project underscores ZIGO's reputation as a leader in design and implementation within the signage industry. By seamlessly integrating creativity, precision, and responsiveness, ZIGO has not only enhanced the navigational experience within Suzhou Sunac Hilton Hotel but has also set a new standard for excellence in signage wayfinding projects.