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ZIGO sign-As a type of luminous character, Blister characters occupy an important position in the outdoor advertising production industry

As a type of luminous character, Blister characters occupy an important position in the outdoor advertising production industry due to their bright colors, diverse colors, and durability. High quality acrylic board, also known as acrylic, is often used on the board surface. This material has high smoothness and strong UV resistance, allowing the Blister characters to maintain color stability for a long time in outdoor environments. In the production process, vacuum forming technology is used, combined with LED lights or high-pressure lights embedded inside the font, and then combined through a base to form various forms of luminous characters, such as flat, flat drum, ball drum, edge drum, etc. The box materials are also diverse, including iron sheet baking paint, aluminum profiles, stainless steel, titanium, etc., which can be selected according to needs. The literal colors are also diverse, and can be achieved through inherent color palettes, spot colors, or four color screen printing.

These Blister characters can exhibit good effects during the day and night, and have a strong visual impact. Therefore, they are widely used in various store advertisements, enterprise and public institution storefronts, internal and external image walls, and large illuminated characters on rooftops. Especially since 2002, vacuum molded characters have gradually evolved into a new form of expression: acrylic vacuum molded lightboxes, which have been widely used by 2005. Acrylic Blister characters light boxes play an important role in outdoor signage promotion. The successful application of Blister characters light boxes in store advertisements such as McDonald's, as well as the case studies of various gas stations and mobile phone manufacturers in Sinopec, have demonstrated and promoted the promotion of this new form of outdoor advertising. It can be said that acrylic Blister characters light boxes have become a new highlight in the signage production industry, bringing more possibilities for outdoor advertising after neon lights, spray painting, and carving.

In this advertising production industry,sign outdoor advertising,outdoor welcome signs, outdoor letter signs, acrylic outdoor signs, etc. all play important roles, and acrylic Blister characters lightboxes are their collection. These logos are not only simple advertising tools, but also an important component of a company's storefront image. They attract the attention of passersby and convey the image and information of the enterprise through vivid colors, unique forms, and luminous effects. Therefore, when designing and producing these signs, it is necessary to fully consider the characteristics and environmental conditions of the target audience to ensure that they have good visibility and long-lasting effects in outdoor environments.