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ZIGO sign-In the signage industry, metal signage has always played an irreplaceable role.

ZIGO fully utilizes metal signage in the MGM hotel wayfinding guidance system project to perfectly present the hotel's image and assist the hotel's wayfinding guidance system

In the signage industry, metal signage has always played an irreplaceable role. Metal signage is currently commonly used in high end shopping mall wayfinding signage projects and five star hotel wayfinding signage projects.In the ZIGO project, the innovative application and exquisite craftsmanship of metal signage have attracted more attention.

As an important part of the wayfinding system project, ZIGO focuses on the design, production, and installation of various metal signage, providing comprehensive solutions for various projects. At the recent Guangzhou logo exhibition, the project leader of ZIGO introduced to the media the unique application and advanced manufacturing technology of the project for metal signage.

Firstly, the ZIGO project has classified metal signage in detail by function, production materials, and appearance style, covering multiple fields such as road signs, traffic signs, directional signs, warning and safety signs, and commercial advertising signs, providing diverse choices for different scenarios.

Secondly, ZIGO adopts professional laser cutting and carving techniques to ensure the accuracy and quality of metal signage production. These high-power laser devices are able to perform cutting operations in an absolutely precise manner, making the surface treatment of the signboard more perfect and unparalleled.

It is worth mentioning that ZIGO's metal signage plates not only strive for excellence in production technology, but also have a great diversity in surface treatment and color selection. Whether it is polishing, wire drawing, spraying, or powder coating treatment, it can be customized according to customer needs to meet the special requirements of different projects.

The creativity of the ZIGO designer team and the manufacturing strength of the self operated factory have provided a solid foundation for the success of the project. ZIGO designer team constantly pursue innovation, constantly break through themselves, and win the trust and praise of customers with the highest quality products and services.

In the future, ZIGO will continue to be committed to innovation and development in the field of metal signage, providing higher quality and personalized signage solutions for various projects, and assisting in the construction and development of wayfinding systems.