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ZIGO sign-ZIGO has successfully won this bid with its outstanding achievements in hotel signage projects in recent years.

On April 23, 2024, Shenzhen Tefa Xiaomeisha MGM Hotel launched a tender for the hotel signage project. As an internationally renowned five-star hotel, MGM Hotel attaches great importance to the hotel's signage project. ZIGO has successfully won this bid with its outstanding achievements in hotel signage projects in recent years. After the successful bidding, ZIGO strictly followed the technical requirements for signage in the bidding drawings of Shenzhen Tefa Xiaomeisha MGM Hotel, striving to achieve 100% perfection of all signage in the project.

The signage project of MGM Hotel this time is mainly divided into 9 sections of signage: landscape signage, guidance signage, identification signage, guest room signage, elevator lobby signage, legal signage, fitness area signage, elevator control panel signage, and logistics area signage.

For many years, ZIGO has adhered to the attitude of providing customers with the highest standard of service and the highest quality of finished products, striving to create perfect wayfinding signage, direction signage, external wayfinding signage, and intermediate directional signage. So next, let ZIGO explain to you the MGM brand lettering on the outdoor grille.

Firstly, a distance of 500mm needs to be reserved at the grille for future installation work. The surface of the grille behind the MGM brand lettering adopts fluorocarbon baking paint technology. The three MGM brand characters are respectively bent and welded with 1.5mm thick # 316 stainless steel. The back of the MGM brand lettering is made of 1.5mm thick 30 * 30mm # 316 stainless steel welded with 3mm thick milky white PC endurance plate, and is equipped with an LED light source. The color temperature of the light source is 5000K. There is also a 3mm thick aluminum plate and laser carved back cover behind the on-site grille, which can perfectly cover the various installation connections on the back of the MGM brand lettering. With such a complete supporting process, the MGM brand lettering at the grille is perfectly presented in front of guests and passersby.