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ZIGO sign-ZIGO undertakes the signage system project for Renaissance Haikou Hotel

ZIGO, a leading signage manufacturing company, has successfully undertaken the signage system project for Renaissance Haikou Hotel. As a top wayfinding signage company in the industry, ZIGO will use its rich experience in building signs manufacturing to enhance the guest experience and bring a new visual effect to the hotel.

Wayfinding Strategy and Signage Design

ZIGO provides a complete set of wayfinding strategy and signage design for Renaissance Haikou Hotel, including the following aspects:

1. Lobby Directory Boards

- Lobby directory boards will be strategically placed at the main entrances and important intersections of the hotel to help guests quickly understand the overall layout of the hotel. These directory boards are modern and simple in design, perfectly matching the high-end brand image of Renaissance Hotels.

2. Elevator Signs

- Elevator signs are an important tool to guide guests to each floor. ZIGO uses high-contrast materials and intuitive icon designs to ensure that the information is clear and easy to read. These signs are not only functional, but also complement the hotel's interior decoration style.

3. Room Number Plates

- Room number plates are a key component of the wayfinding system design, helping guests easily find their rooms. ZIGO uses high-quality materials and elegant design to ensure that they are clearly visible in all light conditions, enhancing the guest's navigation experience.

4. Directional Signs

- Directional signs throughout the hotel will guide guests to facilities such as the gym, swimming pool, spa, etc. ZIGO's design is simple and clear, using easy-to-understand symbols and text to ensure that guests do not get lost, and the design of these signs is integrated with the hotel's decoration style.

5. External Brand Logo

- The external brand logo in the building signage is an important part of the wayfinding strategy. These logos are precision engineered and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure durability and high visibility. The design of the logo is simple and elegant, which perfectly matches the architectural aesthetics of the hotel.

Design Concept

ZIGO's design concept focuses on the seamless integration of functionality and brand aesthetics. Each sign not only enhances the overall experience of guests, but also strengthens the brand image of Renaissance Hotels. The use of high-quality materials ensures the durability and visual appeal of the signs.

With this project, ZIGO once again demonstrated its leadership in the field of wayfinding signage companies and building signs manufacturing. With excellent wayfinding strategy and innovative wayfinding signage design, ZIGO provided the Renaissance Haikou Hotel with a high-quality wayfinding system, setting a new industry standard.