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ZIGO sign-ZIGO Proudly Undertakes Major Project for South American Five-Star Hotel

ZIGO is honored to announce the commencement of a significant project for a prestigious five-star hotel in South America. After extensive discussions with the hotel’s general manager last week, we have finalized the intricate details for the production of the hotel’s room number plaques. The process for creating these plaques is a meticulous six-step procedure, ensuring both durability and elegance that reflect the hotel's luxury standards.

Step-by-Step Production Process for Room Number Plaques:

1. Selection of Base Material:

   - The first step involves selecting a 0.25-inch thick frosted acrylic sheet as the base material. This material is chosen for its durability and sophisticated appearance, providing a sturdy foundation for the plaque.

2. Application of Vinyl Letters:

   - In the second step, white vinyl letters, precisely cut to shape, are carefully adhered to the back of the acrylic base. This creates a clean and sharp appearance for the room numbers.

3. Painting with Standard Color:

   - The third step involves applying a coat of PMS 1395U standard paint behind the vinyl letters. This layer of paint serves to obscure any installation details from being visible through the front of the plaque, ensuring a seamless look.

4. Removal of Vinyl Letters:

   - Once the paint has dried, the fourth step is to peel off the white vinyl letters. This leaves behind perfectly painted numbers, maintaining the clarity and precision of the design.

5. Further Obscuration with Solid Vinyl:

   - In the fifth step, a layer of solid white vinyl is applied over the PMS 1395U painted area. This additional layer further conceals any remaining installation details, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the plaque.

6. Attachment of Clear Acrylic:

   - The final step is to adhere a 0.125-inch thick clear acrylic sheet to the back of the 0.25-inch frosted acrylic base. This not only adds depth and dimension to the plaque but also provides extra protection to the painted numbers, ensuring long-lasting durability.

This detailed and carefully executed production process exemplifies ZIGO’s commitment to quality and precision in building signs manufacturing. Each step is meticulously planned and executed to create a product that meets the high standards expected by five-star establishments.


ZIGO, as a leading signage manufacturing company, is proud to leverage its expertise in wayfinding signage companies and building signage to deliver exceptional products. This project for the South American five-star hotel underscores our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation in signage wayfinding design and manufacture. The resulting room number plaques will not only serve a practical purpose but also enhance the luxurious atmosphere of the hotel, reflecting ZIGO’s unwavering commitment to excellence.