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ZIGO sign-ZIGO Enhances Crowne Plaza Taiyuan with Innovative Wayfinding Strategy and Signage Design

ZIGO, a leading signage manufacturing company, has been selected to deliver a comprehensive wayfinding strategy for the prestigious Crowne Plaza Taiyuan. Known for its expertise among wayfinding signage companies, ZIGO is set to elevate the guest experience through a meticulously designed signage system that combines functionality with innovative design.

The Crowne Plaza Taiyuan, a symbol of luxury and comfort, has partnered with ZIGO to enhance its wayfinding strategy. This initiative aims to improve guest navigation and reinforce the hotel's brand identity through a diverse array of building signage. ZIGO’s approach leverages its extensive experience in building signs manufacturing, ensuring that each sign not only serves a practical purpose but also adds to the hotel’s sophisticated ambiance.

Wayfinding Strategy and Signage Roles

Lobby Directories

Strategically placed in the hotel’s main entry points and busy junctions, lobby directories are designed to provide guests with a clear overview of the hotel's layout. These directories facilitate easy access to amenities such as restaurants, conference rooms, and leisure areas. ZIGO's design integrates high-quality materials and modern aesthetics, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

Elevator Indicators

Essential for guiding guests to their desired floors, elevator indicators are crafted for clarity and ease of use. ZIGO employs high-contrast materials and intuitive icons, ensuring that the signage is easily readable. The sleek design of these indicators aligns with the hotel's contemporary style, providing a seamless integration with the interior decor.

Room Number Plaques

ZIGO’s room number plaques are designed with precision, ensuring visibility and legibility in various lighting conditions. The design incorporates elegant finishes and high-quality materials that reflect the luxurious nature of the Crowne Plaza brand. These plaques not only assist in navigation but also contribute to the hotel’s upscale environment.

Exterior Brand Logos

The exterior building signage includes prominent Crowne Plaza brand logos that serve as key landmarks for the hotel. These logos are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. The main brand logo is designed to be both eye-catching and harmoniously integrated with the hotel's architecture, featuring innovative design elements that highlight the hotel's identity.

Design Philosophy

ZIGO’s design philosophy focuses on blending functionality with brand aesthetics. Each element of the signage system is crafted to enhance the guest experience while reinforcing the Crowne Plaza brand. The use of premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes ensures that the signage remains durable and visually appealing over time.

The innovative design of the exterior brand logos is a testament to ZIGO’s creativity and expertise. These logos, serving as the hotel’s visual signature, are designed to be iconic and complementary to the building’s overall design. The meticulous attention to detail in the fabrication process ensures that the logos stand out, providing a strong visual impact both during the day and at night.

ZIGO’s collaboration with Crowne Plaza Taiyuan underscores their leadership in building signs manufacturing and wayfinding signage companies. By implementing a well-thought-out wayfinding strategy and creating innovative signage designs, ZIGO significantly enhances guest navigation and strengthens the hotel's brand presence. This project highlights ZIGO’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of signage design and manufacturing, setting new benchmarks in the industry.