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ZIGO sign -The Importance of Wayfinding Signage Design for Modern Theme Parks

With the development of modern society and the improvement of people's living standards, theme parks and amusement parks have gradually become popular places for people to relax and have fun. In order for tourists to better visit and experience amusement facilities, a clear and efficient wayfinding signage system is indispensable. This article will explore the key elements of a wayfinding signage system (wayfinding signage design) designed for theme parks and amusement parks.

Clear indication function

The wayfinding signage system (wayfinding system design) should have a clear  indication function. Inside the amusement park, signage is set up to guide tourists to various amusement facilities and attractions. These signages should use easy-to-understand icons and text so that tourists can quickly find the destinations they are interested in. At the same time, the location and height of the signage also need to consider the sight range of tourists to ensure the effectiveness of information communication.

Provide additional information

In addition to the basic indication function, the wayfinding signage system (signage wayfinding) can also provide additional information about the amusement facilities, such as the name, introduction, and operating hours of the amusement facilities. This information can enable tourists to better understand and choose the amusement facilities they are interested in and enhance the amusement experience. In some high-traffic areas, the sign system can also display the current queue time and congestion level to help tourists arrange their play time reasonably.

Set up guide maps and information points

Inside the theme park, guide maps and information points can be set up for tourists to consult. The guide map should be concise and clear, clearly marking the location of each amusement facility and attraction, and accompanied by a tour route and time estimate to facilitate tourists to plan their itinerary. Information points can be set up at important nodes in the amusement park to provide tourists with real-time information on the operation of amusement facilities, visitor flow conditions, etc., so that tourists can make better choices.

Use modern technology

Guide signage systems (external signage) can also use modern technology and intelligent technology to provide more convenient navigation services. For example, an electronic guide screen can be set up in the amusement park, and tourists can query and navigate to the destination of interest by touching the screen. This not only provides more information display space, such as attraction introductions, photos and videos, but also can update information in real time, giving tourists a richer guide experience.

Guide design in emergency situations

In emergency situations, the guide sign system should also consider the safety and convenience of tourists. Visitors need to be able to quickly find emergency exits and safety facilities. For some high-risk amusement facilities, the wayfinding sign system needs to set up warning signs to remind visitors of safety matters and age restrictions. These warning signs should be eye-catching and easy to understand to ensure that visitors can respond quickly in emergency situations.

Design principles and techniques

In order to provide a better wayfinding sign system, some design principles and techniques need to be considered. The color and shape of the sign should be coordinated with the environment, and attention should be paid to the color contrast to ensure that the sign can be clearly seen under various lighting conditions. Secondly, the text and icons of the sign should be concise and clear, avoiding the use of complex patterns and difficult-to-understand words. The size and height of the sign should be adjusted according to the height and visual range of the target audience to ensure that all visitors can easily read the sign information.


An excellent wayfinding sign system (wayfinding signage design) plays a vital role in modern theme parks. It not only helps visitors navigate easily and improves the overall park experience, but also provides safety in emergency situations. By combining modern technology and professional design to create a fully functional, beautiful and practical wayfinding sign system, theme parks will be able to better meet the needs of tourists and enhance their competitiveness. Professional sign design companies such as ZIGO, with their extensive experience in wayfinding sign system design and architectural sign manufacturing, are the ideal partners to achieve this goal.