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ZIGO sign-Do you know the various aspects to pay attention to when making luminous characters?

The production of high-quality luminous characters requires careful consideration and processing in many aspects, from design, material selection to process technology and installation and maintenance. The following are some specific details that further enrich the various aspects that need to be paid attention to during the production of luminous characters:

1. Design and planning

- Purpose and environment: clarify the purpose of the luminous characters (such as outdoor signboards, interior decoration) and the installation environment (such as shopping malls, streets, exhibition halls) in order to choose the right materials and design style.

- Font selection: Choose fonts that are easy to read and consistent with the brand image, and avoid overly complex fonts that are difficult to recognize.

- Color matching: Ensure high color contrast, especially at night, the color matching should highlight the visibility and attractiveness of the text.

2. Material selection

- Support structure: Choose durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. to ensure that the structure is stable and not easily affected by weather.

- Panel material: Transparent acrylic or plexiglass panels are commonly used. These materials have good light transmittance and can enhance the luminous effect.

- Light source: LED lamp tubes are preferred, and pay attention to choosing high-quality, energy-saving LED lamps to ensure long life and stable brightness.

3. Technology

- Fine processing: Use precision processes such as laser cutting and engraving to ensure that the edges of the text are smooth, burr-free, and beautiful in appearance.

- Welding and bonding: Use high-quality welding materials and adhesives to ensure that the joints are firm and not easy to fall off.

- Edge sealing: The edges are sealed with aluminum strips or stainless steel strips, which is not only beautiful but also enhances the structural strength.

4. Electrical safety

- Power adapter: Choose a suitable transformer and power adapter to ensure stable power supply and avoid damage to the lamp tube caused by unstable voltage.

- Waterproof and dustproof: Especially for luminous characters used outdoors, the circuit part must be waterproof and dustproof, and waterproof joints and sealants must be used.