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A few points for making a star-rated signage for hotels

  What is signage for hotels? signage for hotels aims to guide the way and provide timely information, so the design of signage for hotels is very important, especially five-star signage for hotels. The design of the signboard should not only be beautiful, but also should be the same as the decoration style of the hotel, the signboard is the role of camping atmosphere, creating culture and creating taste.

  Therefore, the production of a five-star hotel logo is a very strict affair. After all, five-star hotels are of a higher class and are different from other hotels. This is understandable. In fact, when designing the logo of a five-star hotel, we can make it according to the specified design points.

  From our experience in producing five-star signage for hotels, we need to follow the following points:

  Shape: The overall style of the hotel determines the style of signage for hotels. If you compare a hotel to a woman who considers herself dignified and generous, the hotel logo is like a jewel on her body, bringing out her beauty.

  Color: Consistency of color is a mainstream aesthetic concept, and hotel decoration is no exception.

  Materials: Materials are the basic carrier for the expression of many elements in logo production. Different materials have their own unique textures.

  In the making of the logo of a five-star hotel, the shape and color of the material are given priority, but at the same time, the overall effect of the material is matched and whether it is in harmony with the environment.

  Environmental guidance systems must always be considered. It is always the focus of attention and can be used as a comparison.

  A concern that attracts attention; It plays the role of replacing points with points, lines and areas in the layout of the environment or building.

  Therefore, the design of the guide will directly affect the style, culture and quality of the overall landscape.

  What are the details of signage for hotels?