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ZIGO sign-What is the polishing and plastering process?

Polishing: After the advertising product is made of basic materials or welded into shape, there are metal burrs or unevenness on the edges or panels of the semi-finished product. In order to achieve good spraying effect or smooth product edges, a polishing process must be carried out. The polishing process in the advertising industry mainly involves using hemp wheels, using hemp made wheels, and metal polishing generally does not require sandpaper. Equipped on a polishing machine, it rotates rapidly to polish the metal, removing welding slag and other oxides more on the metal.

Atomic gray: commonly known as putty, also known as unsaturated polyester resin putty, is a rapidly developing new type of filling material that can adhere well to the surface of objects and does not produce cracks during the drying process. Atomic ash is a polymer material composed of two parts: the main ash (base ash) and a curing agent. The main ash is mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin and fillers, while the curing agent is generally composed of initiators and plasticizers, which play a role in initiating polymerization and enhancing performance. Features: It has the advantages of fine gray texture, easy scraping, easy filling, easy polishing, fast drying speed, strong adhesion, high hardness, less scratching, good flexibility, heat resistance, less cracking and foaming, and short construction period. In various industries, atomic ash has almost replaced other putty.