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ZIGO sign-What criteria can traffic signage wayfinding systems be classified based on?

The traffic guidance sign system can be classified according to different classification standards. The following is one common classification method:

1.Functional classification:

-Indicative signs: used to indicate road direction, distance, location, and other information, such as road name, city, airport, tourist attraction, etc.

-Warning signs: used to warn drivers to pay attention to road conditions, dangerous situations, traffic rules, etc., such as speed limit signs, no traffic signs, construction warning signs, etc.

-Information signage: used to provide various practical information, such as service area location, gas stations, catering, accommodation, and other signs.

-Auxiliary signs: used for auxiliary indications and warning signs, such as mileage signs, direction signs, etc.

2. Material classification:

-Metal identification: Made of metal materials, it has high durability and toughness.

-Plywood identification: Made of plywood material, suitable for temporary identification or specific scenarios.

-Plastic identification: Made of plastic materials, it has high weather resistance and plasticity.

-Luminous signage: achieved visibility at night or under low visibility conditions through internal light sources or reflective materials.

3. Shape classification:

-Circular sign: used to indicate important information such as traffic rules and prohibited passage.

-Triangle sign: used to alert drivers to dangerous situations, construction areas, etc.

-Rectangular signage: used to indicate road names, directions, service facilities, and other information.

-Other shape markings, such as diamond markings, are used to indicate intersections, pedestrian crossings, etc.

These classification methods can be combined and used according to actual needs to meet different design requirements of traffic guidance and signage systems.