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ZIGO sign-What signs do we need to design for a complete school signage and wayfinding system?

A complete school signage and wayfinding system requires the design of the following signage:

1. Main entrance sign: used to indicate the main entrance of a school, usually including the school name and sign.

2. Campus map identification: placed at the main entrance or intersection of the school, providing a map of the entire campus, indicating the location of major buildings and areas.

3. Direction signs: Set up signs at key locations on campus to indicate the direction of different buildings, teaching areas, sports venues, etc.

4. Floor signage: Set up signage for different floors of large teaching buildings or buildings to help people find specific classrooms or offices.

5. Room identification: Set up signage at the entrance of each classroom, office, or other room, including room number and user name information.

6. Emergency exit signs: Set up emergency exit signs on different floors and areas to indicate people to find the nearest exit in case of emergency.

7. Service facility identification: Indicates the location and entrance of the school's service facilities, such as libraries, restaurants, gymnasiums, medical rooms, etc.

8. School bus station signage: For school bus stations, set up signage to indicate the stopping location and departure time of the school bus.

9. Parking lot signage: Indicates the location of parking lots on campus, including different areas and types of parking spaces.

These identification signs should be designed and installed according to the actual situation and needs of the school, to provide clear navigation and convenient campus road finding services.