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ZIGO sign-ZIGO provides a one-stop service for the establishment of the signage and guidance system for the Renaissance Hotel in Haikou.

ZIGO has gained recognition from the Renaissance Hotel with its 15 year design experience team, professional signage manufacturing factory, and 20 year construction and installation team. ZIGO has a high reputation in the Shenzhen signage industry, so Renaissance Hotel is confident in handing over the entire hotel's signage wayfinding system project to ZIGO. It took 7 months for ZIGO to complete the signage and wayfinding system at Renaissance Hotel. In the end, the 4816 signage and the top curtain wall brand logo with dimensions of 21200mm * 3600mm in the signage and wayfinding system at Renaissance Hotel successfully passed the approval of the Renaissance Hotel signage acceptance department.

Renaissance Hotel is a golf themed hotel located on Yangshan Avenue, near Duty Free City, Guanlan Lake New City, Feng Xiaogang Film Commune, Teddy Bear Museum, Guanlan Lake Golf Course, etc. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The hotel has over 200 uniquely styled guest rooms and suites, integrating the brand concept of "ordinary journey" into the high-end lifestyle of golf vacation experience. Attracting numerous leisure vacation travelers, family outings, golf enthusiasts, and business exhibition guests.

The hotel enhances the connection between guests and the local culture of Haikou by offering authentic cuisine and delicacies. The full-time burning restaurant selects local seasonal fresh ingredients and combines the essence of Chinese and Western culinary techniques to provide authentic and delicious self-service cuisine, as well as offering unique experiences such as an open kitchen and cooking table; The elegant Yiting Bar continues the cocktail culture of the Renaissance brand and creates a unique social space for travelers.