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ZIGO sign-How did ZIGO address the issues in the identification wayfinding project?

1.The customer's usual concern is how long the deepening design cycle of the identification wayfinding project is, which needs to be determined based on the project requirements. The general deepening design cycle for signage is 20 days, but if the project size is over 3 million, the deepening design cycle for the project will be 30-60 days.

2.During the installation process of the identification and wayfinding system, ZIGO will provide safety instructions, daily pre job training, wear safety helmets, reflective vests, and other safety measures.

3.How can ZIGO ensure that the construction of signage complies with design specifications? ZIGO will dispatch a construction management team to the site, fully understand the project characteristics of the project, and develop a construction organization plan: personnel, materials, mechanical equipment investment plan; Quality, schedule, and safety measures plan.

4. Are the welders and high-altitude workers in the ZIGO installation team qualified? In the identification and pathfinding project, special operation personnel holding special operation certificates issued by the Emergency Management Bureau will be dispatched to the management team to submit corresponding identification documents to the owner or management unit for inspection when entering the site.

5.How can ZIGO ensure that the installed small characters are neat and will not fall off? ZIGO's installation team uses an infrared level to locate and mark during installation, ensuring that the installed small characters are neat and not skewed; The adhesive used by ZIGO's installation team during installation is imported structural adhesive, which is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, not easy to fall off, and has strong weather resistance.