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ZIGO sign-What is the relevant knowledge of the identification industry?

1.The identification company does not lay the main power supply line of the building, which means that the identification company is not responsible for the construction of the strong current profession, and the owner needs to arrange for the mechanical and electrical unit to lay cables to the designated location on the identification.

2. In the identification industry, it usually takes about 11 days for companies with factories to make samples. If the process is complex, the time will be even longer.

3.The color temperature of the luminous characters on the building is usually 6500K, emitting positive white light.

4.Each identification project of ZIGO has a deepening designer stationed on site to supervise the installation of on-site workers, and can guide workers in installation at appropriate times.

5. If there is a project that requires acceptance one week in advance, ZIGO can complete it ahead of schedule because ZIGO has its own factory, and production can be prioritized. Skilled installation technicians can be dispatched to the site in advance, and after the goods arrive at the installation site, they work overtime to complete the installation, striving to complete it according to the schedule.

6.It is recommended to use aluminum plates for the identification of high-rise buildings, as aluminum plates are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install.