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ZIGO sign-What is the scope of ZIGO's business? What is the implementation process of a signage project and is there a charge for proofing?

ZIGO's main businesses include logo design, guide sign design, product styling design, advertising image design, lighting engineering design, urban image planning and design and related engineering construction, space environment decoration design and construction, garden landscape design and construction, and environmental signage system engineering Design, construction and related sign production; billboards, advertising light boxes, advertising projects, lighting engineering production and construction, sculpture art, garden lighting, landscape fabrics, iron railing products design and installation, metal sign manufacturing for transportation and public management, sales signs Brands, metal signboards, acrylic brands and acrylic products, etc.

After ZIGO undertakes a project, it will first make a quotation based on the customer's needs. After the customer confirms the price and signs the contract, ZIGO will issue detailed design drawings. After the customer confirms the drawings, ZIGO's factory will conduct proofing of the logo product, and the customer will confirm After the prototype is produced, batch production will be carried out, and finally the products will be shipped to the customer's designated location after the customer has paid the final payment.

Regarding the question of whether to charge for proofing, ZIGO decides based on whether the customer has signed a bulk supply contract with the company. If the customer has signed a bulk supply contract with ZIGO, proofing is free. If the customer just compares the effect of the proofing product, Then ZIGO will make a quotation based on the difficulty and specifications of the sample.