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What are the functions and applications of digital signage for hospitals?

The development of digital signage technology and the embodiment of the application value, to promote the application of digital signage in the medical industry, whether it is from the interests of the hospital, or for the consideration of patients, to strengthen the transparency of hospital information and improve the hospital consultation rate are urgent, so the digital signage is favored by the hospital.

1, intelligent navigation, digital guide signs with intelligent digital screen, distributed hospital traffic or easy to get lost in the location, convenient for patients to seek medical treatment, to solve the problem of patients or family members to find the route, staff can also reduce the time consuming direction work, new digital signs and mobile phone interconnection, navigation results are transmitted to the mobile phone to achieve further guidance.

2, intelligent ward, each bedside digital identification system, from the patient admission to achieve uninterrupted personalized information updates, including the latest vital signs of patients, ward phone number, nursing team personal information, connected to the hospital health record system, bedside intelligent digital signage can provide patients with treatment plans, various test results, Daily schedule and other medical data reports, etc.

3, ease the waiting room atmosphere, the waiting time in the hospital is always long, the use of digital signs to publicize the average waiting time, provide attractive health content to distract attention, effectively alleviate the anxiety of the waiting process, the waiting room digital signs can share the status update with the family, the family can accurately see the patient start surgery, end surgery, waiting time real-time display. It can also set up information about local life to enhance the connection between users and those outside the hospital.

4, establish real-time communication, digital signage enables the hospital to share all kinds of information anytime and anywhere, keep the content of the identification information updated in real time, and push real-time alarms and escape methods in case of emergency. For the management of the hospital canteen, digital signage replaces the blackboard handwritten menu or printed menu, and realizes the change of dishes and prices at any time, and eliminates the sold dishes. Offer specials or other activities.

5, Drive hospital benefits, improve patient satisfaction will increase the possibility of seeing a doctor again, but also bring referrals, advertising space rental and donations can effectively use digital identification of the electronic display.

The increasingly extensive use of digital signage for hospitals will promote the diversified application of digital signage system. Its application value lies in reflecting the humanized function of hospitals, accurately guiding patients to operate and receive medical treatment, and instantly informing people of important information. A comfortable and humanized environment will make patients feel at ease and assured.