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ZIGO sign-How to make shopping mall signage more visually appealing?

To make the mall signage more visually appealing, the following points can be considered:

1.Use eye-catching colors: Choose bright and contrasting colors that can attract people's attention. You can use the main colors of the mall brand, or choose colors that create a sharp contrast with the surrounding environment.

2.Adopting creative design: Designing unique and creative signage to attract people's attention. You can try using different shapes, patterns, or text arrangements to make the signage unique.

3.Use appropriate materials: Choosing high-quality materials to make signage guides can increase their texture and attractiveness. Consider using materials such as metal, glass, and glossy panels to make the signage more exquisite and high-end.

4. Consider light and shadow effects: By utilizing light and shadow effects, it is possible to increase the three-dimensional and layered sense of signage guidance. You can consider using projection lights, LED lights, or backlit panels to display different effects of signage guidance under different lighting conditions.

5. Consider dynamic elements: Integrating dynamic elements into signage design can increase its visual appeal. Dynamic patterns, animation effects, or LED screens can be considered to make the signage more vivid and interesting.

In short, by selecting appropriate colors, designs, materials, and effects, the mall's signage can become more visually appealing, attract customer attention, and enhance the brand image of the mall.