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What are the materials of tourist spot signage

When you visit the scenic spot, will you find that the tourist spot signage is generally installed outdoors? For the tourist spot signage in the choice of materials not only to take into account the use of tourism signs itself, but also to take into account the geographical environment of different scenic spots, natural landscape and artificial landscape areas, different areas of the need for signage materials are not the same. So, in the design and production of tourist spot signage, what kind of materials are there?

Signs made of natural materials

The natural material sign plate generally refers to the sign plate that is in the scenic spot itself and put into use after artificial simple processing. This type of sign after a long period of extreme weather baptism, will still maintain the original appearance. Natural material signs are very common in the scenic area, such as stone signs, mainly in the vicinity of the mountain, with the help of the direction of the rocks, so as to carve the corresponding information on the prominent rocks to achieve the effect of guidance.

The wooden sign plate has the characteristics of convenient materials, easy to carve, low cost, and is widely promoted and used in scenic spots. Wood labels are derived from nature, and can also be used by nature after being unable to be used in the later period, playing a role in protecting the environment. However, the use of wood signs for a long time will have different degrees of corrosion and loss, and the service life is shorter than that of stone signs.

Sign plate made of metal

The metal sign plate is the most selected sign plate on the market at present, which includes stainless steel, aluminum alloy, acrylic and so on. The effect of the logo produced by different materials is not the same.

Stainless steel signage

Stainless steel logo has a strong oxidation resistance, the material has a strong sense of metal, and the surface is smooth and bright. The use of modern technology can create different shapes of signs, but also add elements of nature, the degree of simulation is as high as 95%, to a certain extent to solve the problem of signs easy to rot, deformation.

Aluminum alloy material sign plate

The strength and hardness of the aluminum alloy sign are very good, and the plasticity is very strong, you can process a variety of shapes according to customer requirements, and the aluminum alloy material has good corrosion resistance, the overall layout quality is light, not easy to rust, and is more popular with people.

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