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ZIGO sign-How to design signage for nursing homes to provide warmth for the home?

The physical functions of elderly people are gradually deteriorating, especially the weakening of memory function. The chaotic guidance system can cause elderly people who move alone to lose their direction in nursing homes. Therefore, the construction of guidance systems in nursing homes is particularly important. The visual guidance system is a design that complements nursing homes. Starting from humanistic care, it also has the functionality of a guidance system. A simple and clear guidance space planning and design can effectively enhance the warmth and comfort of nursing homes. From what perspective can guide design effectively enhance the warmth of nursing homes?

The signage and guidance design of nursing homes can create a warm home through the following aspects:

1.Warm colors: Choose soft and warm colors, such as light blue, light yellow, soft pink, etc. These colors can bring a sense of peace of mind and comfort.

2.Natural elements: Incorporating natural elements into the design, such as flowers, trees, birds, etc., can convey the warmth and beauty of being a monk.

3. Friendly font: When choosing a font, consider using a rounded and friendly font to avoid using overly rigid or indifferent fonts, in order to increase the sense of familiarity.

4. Reception signs: Set up reception signs at the entrance or important locations of nursing homes, welcome family members and visitors with warm language and pictures, and give them a feeling of being at home.

5.Humanized signage: When designing signage, attention should be paid to readability and comprehensibility to facilitate residents and visitors in finding the desired destination. At the same time, warm icons or text can be added to the signage, such as smiling faces, greetings, etc., to give people a warm feeling.

6.Photo Wall: Design a photo wall in the public area of the nursing home to display photos of residents' lives, happy moments, etc., allowing residents and their families to feel the warmth and happiness of the family.

Through the above design, the signage and signage of nursing homes can create a warm and comfortable environment for residents and their families, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.