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ZIGO sign-The standardization of tourist attraction signage is of great significance for shaping the image of scenic spots.

The scenic spot signage and guidance system not only serves as a guide, identification, and environmental introduction for scenic spots, but also serves as a visual card and cultural display window for tourist attractions. Every stop of tourists is an intangible memory, interpretation, and aesthetic experience of the scenic spot culture. Therefore, in the design of scenic area signage and guidance, it is necessary to fully consider the organic integration of cultural elements.

The identification of tourist attractions is the expression of various information and symbols that guide tourists to complete tourism activities (including tour routes, landscape explanations, path guidance, etc.). It is used to assist tourists in completing the travel process in tourist attractions, increase their understanding of the scenic area, and is an important component of the tourist attraction environment, as well as one of the constituent elements of scenic product. The scenic spot tourism identification system belongs to the category of scenic spot interpretation system and is the most basic form of interpretation system. Standardized identification of tourist attractions is a basic requirement of the country for a tourist attraction, and it is a reflection of the service image of a scenic area.

1、 Standardized signage can showcase the characteristics of tourist attractions and form a good evaluation

As a hardware factor supporting the image of tourist attractions, the identification of tourist attractions can be standardized, reasonable, or distinctive in design, effectively promoting the establishment of the image engineering of tourist attractions. A survey has shown that distinctive and themed signage helps to integrate and disseminate the image resources of the entire scenic area, increase visual impact, improve the direct participation satisfaction of tourists, stimulate strong tourism motivation and travel decisions, and generate good evaluations.

2、 Standardized signage can promote foreign exchanges and optimize international communication space

With the deepening of reform and opening up, foreign tourists visiting and exchanging visits to China have been increasing year by year, and the use of foreign languages in China is becoming increasingly common. Chinese tourist attractions require more accurate and appropriate translation and identification language to display in front of foreign tourists. It conveys information to the foreign public, using concise and easy to understand words and icons to convey necessary information and achieve communicative functions. These signs not only provide convenience for foreign tourists, but also visually reflect the internationalization level of the scenic area, and more importantly, reflect a country or region's sensitivity and ability to seize development opportunities, optimizing the international communication space.

3、 Standardized signage can increase the number of individual visitors and achieve value-added benefits for scenic spots

Individual tourism has accounted for half of China's tourism market, and the tourism market is entering the era of individual tourists. Individual travelers mainly take the form of self guided tours. To avoid misleading individual tourists, eliminate travel troubles, successfully serve tourists, and make them feel secure and willing to go, it is necessary to guide the scenic area with standardized signage. Only in this way can we increase the number of visits, ensure tourism behavior, and generate value-added benefits for the scenic area.

Summary: As an important tourism service facility in scenic areas, the scenic area identification system should be planned and managed on the basis of coordinating the three major benefits of "economy, society, and ecology". It should be designed and produced with the concept of green environmental protection. Efforts will be made to rationalize the functions of the scenic area identification system, provide practical comfort, and humanize the spatial art.

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